Diamond Kite’ or ‘Lawrence Hargrave Box Kite’


Entry Code Age Group
K1 8 – 11 years
K2 12 – 14 years

Additional Conditions of Entry for Kites

The kite can be either:

Diamond Kite’ as per the Aircraft Modelling Class 4 workbook, or;

The Lawrence Hargrave Box Kite as per plans on the NSWBG Modelling Website.


All joins between the various materials used shall be neat and tidy. If/where glues are used, excessive glue or smears will be noted. Any cross members must be aligned correctly and coverings must not be torn or crinkled. Tails must be complete as per the kite plans used and should be displayed with the kite. Flying Lines and Reels are not required to be displayed with the kite.


Attention shall be given to how the kite is decorated and whether this suits the design, e.g. a Hargrave’s box kite is not decorated and will not lose points, but must have been finished correctly with no torn or crinkled fabric/paper etc. The Diamond Kite can be decorated however a member wishes.


The overall presentation is judged on the first impression from approximately arms distance. This takes into account the general appearance as would be seen by a casual observer.