General Information

Entry Forms

Entry forms for the various competitions can be found here.


Members are required to wear full Australian Air League uniform as laid down in Section 18 of the Australian Air League Manual.


Whilst full details can be found n the manual, members are also advised the following will be closely scrutinised:

  • Warrant Officers must ensure they have correct insignia, and if wearing officer uniforms, have correct cap badges
  • Jumpers under officer tunics are not allowed
  • Members must have correct Air League slacks or trousers
  • Members are to adhere to the requirements of Paragraphs 1.8 to 1.15 in Section 18 regarding personal appearance in relation to hair, jewellery, make up, etc.

Medals and Decorations must be worn for the afternoon parade. Only medals and badges authorised by the Australian Air League, and for which the member has an authority card, are to be worn.  Officers are to wear Tunics for the afternoon parade, except for officers from designated tropical squadrons.

Authorised name tags, as per the AAL Manual Section 18, Para 50.0, are to be worn.

Navy blue uniform jumpers are not to be worn during competitions or for the final parade but may be worn at all other times where required.

Membership Cards and Authority Cards must be carried by members for all rank, badges and medals that they wear.

Members are also reminded that when travelling to and from the Australian Air League Review that their uniforms must be full and correct, if worn.

Members not in full and correct uniform will not be allowed to compete or take part in the Afternoon Parade, in Field Competitions and in Solo Competitions. All Wing and Squadron OCs are expected to strictly enforce this directive.


Duty of Care to Members

It is the responsibility of all Squadron OCs to ensure that the members of their squadron are fit and well throughout the day.  Members who are feeling ill should not be allowed to take part in competitions or the afternoon parade.

Squadron OCs are to ensure members are provided with adequate shade, refreshments and sun protection at this Review. Squadron OCs should refer to the Australian Air League’s policy on sun protection (AAL Manual Section 1, Para 4.0)

Any injured or ill members are to be immediately referred to the designated Review First Aid Officer.

Group Executive Commissioners will ensure Squadron OCs within their Group follow these directives.

Non Smoking Event

As per the Australian Air League’s policy on smoking (AAL Manual Section 1, Para 5.0) the Australian Air League Review is a non-smoking event.  All personnel are to strictly follow this directive.  No person attending, including non-members, will be allowed to smoke within the grounds of the Australian Air League Review, which includes, but may not be limited to, the Crest Athletics Stadium.

Duty Group

The Duty Groups are NSW Boys and NSW Girls.

NSW Boys Group is to designate an officer as a duty officer who is to ensure adequate personnel are available and present for duty when rostered. The duty officer should contact the Federal Field Commissioner for further instructions.


When finalised and available, all units taking part in the competitions will be given a summary of where they lost points in order that they may be corrected for future competitions.


A canteen will be operating on the day. No units are permitted to sell food or refreshments other than the authorised canteen operators.

Units and individuals are also not permitted to sell other items, such as souvenirs or fund raise on the day without prior permission from the Federal Field Commissioner.

Requests for Further Information

Should any further information be required regarding the Australian Air League Review, please contact your Group Field Commissioner/Officer.