Officer Section Drill

Each Group may enter one section in Officer Section Drill.

Only one entry per Group is allowed.

Note there is only one competition for Officer Section Drill.

Complement Requirements:

Total Number:       6 including Officer in charge. Sections must have the full complement of 6 otherwise they are deemed to be non-competitive.

Section Members:   May be Officers, Warrant Officers or Trainee Officers.

Officer Section Drill Diagram

The following describes the orders and diagram to be used for the Officer Section Drill Competition. This information is in line with of the Australian Air League Manual, Section 12.

Link to Printable Diagram Page: Section Drill Diagram 8

Fall in Orders

  1. Section, On Parade
  2. Marker, Fall In
  3. Marker, Stand at Ease
  4. Section, Fall In
  5. Section, Attention
  6. Section, Number
  7. Section, Right Dress
  8. No. ##, Move forward/Move to the rear, Steady
  9. Section, Steady
  10. Section, Eyes Front

Diagram 8 Orders

  • A  Section, Slow March
  • B  Section, Into Quick Time, Quick March
  • C  Section, Change Direction Left, Left Wheel
  • D  Section, Change Direction Left, Left Wheel
  • E  Section, Incline to the Left, Left Incline
  • F  Section, Incline to the Right, Right Incline
  • G  Section, Change Direction Left, Left Wheel
  • H  Section, Halt

Diagram 8 – Section

Note: not to scale