Education Display

DiaromaEducation Display Conditions and Judging

Squadrons are invited to enter an Education Display subject to compliance with the ‘theme’ and in accordance with the conditions of entry below.  Separate competitions will be run for Boys, Girls and Mixed Gender squadrons.


The theme for the 2018 AAL Review Education Display and Competition is:

“Australia’s Air Involvement During the Vietnam War

Conditions of Entry

Unless approved by the Education Competition Staff, all displays shall not exceed two square metres in size.

All entries will be designed around a maximum table size of two metres long by one metre wide. Tables will be provided for displays.

Squadrons wishing to display items which could be regarded as unconventional in shape or requiring special items of equipment are to advise their Group Education Commissioner who will advise the specific nature of the requirement to the Education Competition Staff at least four weeks prior to the competition.

Entries are to be made on the Education Display and Essay Entry Form (Form D) and forwarded to the relevant Group Education Commissioner by Sunday 26 August 2018. The Group Education Commissioners then have until Sunday 2 September 2018 to pass all entries to OC Education Competitions.  Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the OC Education Competitions.

Electricity is available in the display area however squadrons shall provide their own extension cords and power boards where required.

Displays shall be erected and dismantled by squadron personnel.

On Sunday 23 September 2018 arrangements will be made for the display area to be open from 0700 hours for the erection of displays. All displays must be erected for judging by 0900 hours –  Units arising from rural areas and interstate excepted.

Displays are to be disassembled and removed from the display area following the Ceremonial Parade and Presentations.

All squadrons shall provide a name tag to identify their display. The name tag shall be 40cm x 10cm with the squadron name clearly printed on the tag. The name tag shall be able to be removed or concealed for judging. The name tag shall be the only means of identifying the Squadron. Note: The Squadron name or identification must not appear on the model display or education display itself.

In order to compete, for any squadron entering a display all squadron member(s) who participated in the construction of the display must be financial members of the League.

A listing of member’s names, ages and the specific part or parts of the display that they participated in shall be attached to the entry form.


Judging of Squadron education displays will commence at 0900 hours. Except for authorised personnel, all persons will vacate the display area whilst judging is being conducted.

Judging Criteria

Squadron education displays will be judged on the following criteria with points allocated as indicated:

Layout (10 points):
A well-structured and uncluttered display is expected compared to one that is unstructured and cluttered

Visual Impact (10 points):
Legibility at a viewing distance of 1.5 metres is essential and the initial impact must be pleasing.

Use of Materials (10 points):
Creativity in the use of materials is sought. No preference shall be given to hand sketches compared to photos or magazine pictures.

Skill (10 points):
More points shall be given to the use of a wider range of skills compared to a narrow set of skills

Cadet Participation (20 points):
Names and ages of members must appear on a separate document indicating which member is responsible for which component of the display. This may be at a research, drawing, sheet, operating component or written section level. Where a number of cadets completed one component, their combined names should appear. The greater the percentage of members of a squadron participating, the higher the mark, based upon the squadron strength at 30 June 2016.  This information is to be supplied by each squadron and shall be attached to the entry form.

Content (20 Points):
Preference will be given to those displays that more extensively cover the theme compared to those which choose to cover a narrow part of the theme.

Standard of Overall Finish (10 points):
The quality of workmanship shall be assessed taking into account the age of the members used in the preparation of the display.

Adherence to Rules (10 points):
Points will be deducted for each rule not adhered to e.g. entry form not completed with all relevant information, late entry, cadet participation level not indicated, Squadron name on display etc.

Unless prior approval has been obtained education displays which exceed the maximum prescribed size of 2 square metres will not be judged.