Diorama Modelling

Aircraft and Associated Equipment only

Entry Code Age Group
D19 8 – 11 years
D20 12 – 14 years
D21 15 – 17 years
D22 18 years and over

Additional Conditions of Entry for Dioramas

Each diorama shall contain at least one aircraft model.

The maximum size of the base of the diorama shall not exceed 50cm x 50cm.


All elements in the diorama should be in approximately the same scale.


A well-structured and uncluttered diorama is expected compared to one that is unstructured and cluttered.

Use of Materials

Creativity in the use of materials is sought.


More points shall be given to the use of a wider range of skills compared to a narrow set of skills


Construction faults will be noted. The different parts of the models used in the diorama shall be glued to ensure all joints fit tightly together. Gaps between joints and tool marks are to be avoided. Similarly, excessive use of glue and smearing of glue is also to be avoided.


Attention shall be given to how the materials used on the diorama have been applied. The following shall be taken into account; the proper application of decals or decorations, brush marks and paint runs, unrealistic weathering and contamination.


The overall presentation is judged on the first impression from approximately arms distance. This takes into account the way the elements in the diorama are positioned, the realism of their presentation and the general appearance as would be seen by a casual observer.