Wreath Laying Parade

General Information

A Wreath Laying Parade will be held at the Australian War Memorial on Sunday morning, 5 October 2014.  All personnel are invited to attend.



Members are reminded that Daylight Savings comes into effect on Sunday morning, 5 October in the Australian Capital Territory before the parade. Ensure you forward your clocks forward one hour.

0830 hrs         All members to be present at the forecourt of the Australian War Memorial, Canberra

0845 hrs         All members to form up

0915 hrs        Wreath Laying Parade Starts

0945 hrs         Expected completion of Wreath Laying Parade


All members are to wear full Australian Air League uniform as laid down in Section 18 of the Australian Air League Manual.  Although summer uniform provisions will come into effect the night before, officers are to wear tunics.  For full details, please refer to 2.0 above.

Members not in full uniform will not be permitted to take part.

Further Information

Members are to form up with their respective Group in multiple flights of no more than 18 members (plus NCO in charge) as directed in the forecourt area outside of the entrance to the Australian War Memorial.

The Federal flag, Group flags and the South Australian Wing flag are required for the Ceremony.  No squadron flags are required. Bands are also not required.

Further details will be provided on the procedure for the Parade in a circular to be issued at a later date and on this page.