0745 hrs         Duty Group (Victoria) to report for duty

0800 hrs        All units to be present at the ground.  Note: Squadrons travelling long distance unable to meet this time are to advise the Federal Field Commissioner of their expected arrival time.

0815 hrs         Judges Briefing

0830 hrs         All Squadrons to prepare for competitions

0830 hrs        Solo Drumming and Bugle Competitions commence

0830 hrs         General Officers Briefing

0845 hrs         Official Opening by the Chief Commissioner

0850 hrs         Flag Rise

0900 hrs        Ball Games Competitions Commence

0920 hrs        Field Competitions Commence

1000 hrs         Final entries and withdrawals for all competitions close

1300 hrs        Band Competitions Commence

1300 hrs        All Afternoon Parade Statements to be handed in

1430 hrs        Afternoon Parade Forms Up

1500 hrs         Parade Marches On

1700 hrs         Approximate Completion Time

Timetable is subject to change on the day. It is the responsibility of Squadron Officers to ensure that their competing units are at the correct place at the correct time. Close attention must be made to all public address announcements.