Plastic Modelling – Aircraft

1/72 Scale & Smaller and 1/48 Scale & Larger Competitions

The information below covers both the 1/72 scale & smaller and the 1/48 acale & larger categories

1/72 Scale & Smaller Competitions:

Entry Code Age Group
P3 8 – 11 years
P4 12 – 14 years
P5 15 – 17 years
P6 18 years and over

1/48 Scale & Larger Competitions:

Entry Code Age Group
P7 8 – 11 years
P8 12 – 14 years
P9 15 – 17 years
P10 18 years and over

Overall Appearance

The overall appearance is judged on the first impression from approximately one arms distance. This takes into account the way the model is presented and the general appearance as would be seen by a casual observer.


The paintwork is judged on how the member has painted the model.  It takes into account the use of brush or airbrush. For brush: whether there are brush marks, cleanness of line, thickness of paint and authenticity. For airbrush: whether there is over spray, cleanness of lines, thickness of paint and again, authenticity. Overall: whether details have been painted e.g. cockpit, undercarriage, ordinance, engine etc.

Attention to Detail

This judging criterion shall be based on how the member has assembled the model and whether the member has detailed the model beyond just putting the kit together. Attention shall be given as to how the member has assembled all the small parts that are sometimes missed.


This judging criterion shall be based on how the decals are applied to the model, including correct alignment and an example of this is the direction that the kangaroo faces on Australian military aircraft. As all models aircraft would normally have decals, a model without decals would in most cases lose marks.

Overall Finish

This judging criterion takes into account the overall finish of the model.  This shall include how the joins are finished. It also takes into account how the model looks on closer inspection. This should be achieved without the need to pick up the model in order to inspect it thoroughly.


Glasswork shall take into account the way windows; canopies, lights etc. are attached to the model and whether glue or paint smears appear. It shall also take into account if the framework for canopies etc. is painted and detailed.