Competition Categories

In conjunction with the squadron education display, modelling competitions shall be conducted for individual members. Members may compete in the following nominated age groups and shall be subject to the conditions of entry.

Note Balsa Models now included under Air Activities Competitions – see Balsa Model Flight Competition

Separate boys and girls entries shall be accepted for the following categories:


Diamond Kite’ or ‘Lawrence Hargrave Box Kite’


Entry Code Age Group
K1 8 – 11 years
K2 12 – 14 years

Plastic Model – Aircraft (1/72 Scale and Smaller)


Entry Code Age Group
P3 8 – 11 years
P4 12 – 14 years
P5 15 – 17 years
P6 18 years and over

Plastic Model – Aircraft (1/48 Scale and Larger)


Entry Code Age Group
P7 8 – 11 years
P8 12 – 14 years
P9 15 – 17 years
P10 18 years and over

Plastic Model – Open –
Space Vehicles (Actual), Ships, Cars, Armour Vehicles, Science Fiction etc.


Entry Code Age Group
P11 8 – 11 years
P12 12 – 14 years
P13 15 – 17 years
P14 18 years and over

Group Build Aircraft (1/72 Scale Messerschmitt Bf109)


Entry Code Age Group
P15 8 – 11 years
P16 12 – 14 years
P17 15 – 17 years
P18 18 years and over

Diorama – Aircraft and Associated Equipment Only


Entry Code Age Group
D19 8 – 11 years
D20 12 – 14 years
D21 15 – 17 years
D22 18 years and over

General Conditions of Entry

All entries in the modelling competitions must comply with the following:

Individual members shall enter only one model each in each modelling competition.

All models entered must be the work of the entrant entirely.  In the case of Group 1 (8–11 years) entrants, an absolute minimum of help is permitted, but not encouraged.

Age of entry shall be as at the date of the Australian Air League Review 2018 –23 September 2018.

All models being entered in the Modelling competition(s) shall be set up between 0700 hours and 0900 hours in readiness for judging.

All models shall be removed from display following the Ceremonial Parade and Presentations.

Entries are to be made on the Modelling Entry Form (Form E) and forwarded to the relevant Group Education Commissioner/Officer by Sunday 26 August 2018. Entries are required from all units, including from those that do not wish to enter a particular competition, to ensure that all squadrons are accounted for. The Group Education Commissioners/Officers then have until Sunday 2 September 2018 to pass all entries to the OC Education Competitions.

Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the OC Education Competitions up to the date of the Review. Late entries will not be accepted on the day for judging, but any models that have not been entered may be displayed in the display area subject to available space.

Members entering models shall be current financial uniformed members of the Australian Air League. Membership cards may be checked, therefore entrants or their representatives shall ensure that the entrant’s membership card is brought to the competition area.

Models that have previously won either 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in an Australian Air League Review Modelling competition will not be accepted. It is encouraged that entered models which did not win a place at a previous Australian Air League Review are also not entered again and new ones are built. Models that have been entered into respective 2014 Group Review Competitions will be accepted.

Whilst all care will be taken to safeguard models from damage or loss, the Council of the Australian Air League accepts no responsibility for any model or diorama entered.


All models entered in the modelling competitions shall be set up as directed between 0700 hours and 0900 hours. Judging of the modelling competitions shall commence at 0900 hours. Except for authorised persons all persons will vacate the display area whilst judging is being conducted.