See the following pages for further details on individual competitions:

Entry Forms

Entry forms for the field competitions can be found here.

Competition Areas

The reporting tent for all competitions (solo and field) will be situated near the entrance to the ground, situated in front of the grandstand.  Refer to Field Competitions Map for more details.

General Conditions of Entry to Field Competitions

Gender Based Competitions

There will be three main categories of competitions:

  • Boys Competitions
  • Girls Competitions
  • Mixed Gender Competitions

Single gender squadrons can only compete in their gender category.  That is, boys squadrons can only compete in Boys’ Competitions, girls squadrons can only compete in Girls’ Competitions.

Mixed gender squadrons have the choice of competing in Mixed Gender Competitions OR Boys and/or Girls Competitions.  They cannot compete in both Mixed Gender and another boys and/or girls competition.  However, if they compete in Mixed Gender Competitions, there must be at least one member taking part who is of the opposite gender.

See Examples of Competition Eligibility for examples of how squadrons can work out what category to compete in.

Squadrons Combining To Compete

Squadrons can combine in most competitions where they do not have enough numbers to compete in their own right.  The only competition where squadrons cannot combine is Squadron Section Drill.  Squadrons who need to combine with other squadrons compete in Wing Section Drill.

Age Limits

The following age restrictions apply for competitions:

Members competing as NCOs or cadets must be under the age of 18 as at 1 October 2016.

Members 18 and over and under 19 as at 1 October 2016 may compete provided they are carrying the rank of Warrant Officer only and wearing cadet/NCO uniform with Warrant Officer epaulettes.

Members 19 years or older as at 1 October 2016 cannot compete. Exceptions apply for Officer Section Drill, and Band Drill competitions.

The allowance of Warrant Officers aged 18 to compete is to provide these members who have recently turned 18 to still take part in competitions.  It is expected that units will still compete in the best possible spirit and not attempt to take advantage of these provisions unduly.

Uniform Requirements

Members competing in field competitions must be wearing full and correct Australian Air League uniform.

Membership Requirements

All members competing in field competitions must be current financial members of the Australian Air League.  Members competing must have membership cards or proof of current membership (eg copy of receipt of joining fee).

Entry to Competitions

Squadrons wishing to enter field competitions must do so by completing the Field Competitions Entry Form (Form A) and forward to their Group Field Commissioner/Officer by Saturday 3 September 2016.

Group Field Commissioners/Officers will check and forward the relevant correct entry forms to the Federal Field Commissioner on or before Saturday 10 September 2016.

Entry to Competition Areas

No Officer or NCO other than those in charge of or participating in the competing unit is allowed onto the competition area during the competitions without prior consent of competition staff or in an emergency.  Squadron OCs are also to ensure that no other members (including parents, family and others associated with their squadron) are allowed onto the competition area.  This includes people taking photos/video of competing units on the competition area without prior authorisation.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

Communication with Judges

Only competition staff may communicate with judges.  Units whose members and associates who do not adhere to this requirement are liable for disqualification.

Protests and Disqualifications

All protests must be lodged in writing with the Review Marshal within one hour of the completion of the concerned unit’s competition.  No protest will be accepted after this time limit.

Should a dispute arise over any decision, it will be referred to the Chief Marshal whose decision shall be FINAL.

Any Unit found cheating or being in any other way dishonest may find they are disqualified from ALL competitions.  Dishonest behaviour includes, but is not limited to, fielding NCOs with incorrect rank, competitors competing below their age groups, fielding non-financial members in competitions and interfering with the running of competitions.

The Australian Air League relies on units’ honesty and sense of fair play when entering competitions.  Field Competition Staff on the day have the right to ask for proof of age, membership and/or rank where deemed necessary.

Examples of Competition Eligibility

Mixed Gender Squadron:

Question:      My squadron is a mixed gender squadron and I have a large number of members attending.  Can my squadron compete in all three categories for Section Drill (Boys, Girls and Mixed gender)?

Answer:        NO.  You can choose to compete in both the boys and girls competitions OR the mixed gender competition, but not all three.

Question:      My squadron is a mixed gender squadron but only boys are attending.  Can it compete in the Mixed Gender competition?

Answer:        NO.  You must compete in the Boys Competition.  At least one member of the opposite gender must be in each entry of the mixed gender competition.

Single Gender Squadron:

Question:      My squadron is a boys’ only squadron.  Can I choose to take part in the Mixed Gender Squadron competitions?

Answer:        NO.  Your squadron can only compete in the Boys Competitions.  Likewise, girls’ only squadrons can only compete in the Girls’ Competitions.

Single Gender Squadron, Small Numbers Attending:

Question:      My squadron is a boys’ only squadron and only three members are attending the AAL Review.  What competitions can they compete in?

Answer:        They can compete in Junior Section, Wing Section, Flag Party and Flight competitions by combining with other squadrons from the same Group who also have insufficient numbers to compete in their own right in each boys’ competition.  If you are combining with another squadron, that squadron cannot compete either in another combined entry or in their own right in that competition.  Note that because you are a boys’ only squadron, you cannot combine with a girls’ squadron to take part in the Mixed Gender competitions.

Mixed Gender Squadron, Small Numbers Attending:

Question:      I have a mixed gender squadron, but only three boys and two girls are attending. What section drill competitions can I take part in?

Answer:        Your squadron has two options:

Your Boys can combine with three members from other squadrons, preferably from the same Wing in the Boys Wing Section Competition, and your two girls can combine with four girls from other squadrons, preferably from within the same Wing in Girls Wing Section Competition


Your members can combine with one member from another squadron, preferably from within the same Wing, in the Mixed Gender Wing Section Drill Competition.

You can also compete in Junior Section, Officer Section, Flag Party and Flight competitions by combining with other squadrons, provided you meet the same conditions as above.

Groups without Wings:

Question:      My Group does not have Wings and my squadron has less than six members competing.  Can I compete in the Wing Section Drill competition?

Answer:        YES.  Although it is preferable that squadrons competing in Wing Section Drill are all from the same Wing, we recognise this is not practical in all situations.

Flight Drill:

Question       My squadron is a boys’ only squadron and has fifty members attending.  How many flights can my squadron enter in flight drill?

Answer:        You can enter a maximum of three flights based on the minimum number of 13 per flight per entry (total of 39) – see Flight Drill.  Note that if you enter one or more flights in the Flight Drill competition, you cannot combine with other squadrons with your extra members to compete again in Flight Drill.