Education Essay

Education Essay Conditions and Judging

Members are invited to submit entries for the education essay competitions.  Separate boy’s and girl’s competitions will be conducted.


The theme for the 2018 AAL Review Education Essay Competition is:

“Australia’s Air Involvement During the Vietnam War”


Group One 8 – 11 years A simple project type of presentation in a project book
Group Two 12 – 15 years An essay of between 1500 and 2000 words
Group Three 16 years and over An essay of between 2000 and 3000 words

The age of the entrant shall be as at the date of the Australian Air League Review (23 September 2018).

Conditions of Entry

Entrants in the education essay competition shall be in the following age groups and must comply with the following:

All entrants must be current financial uniformed members of the Australian Air League.

Only one entry may be submitted per member

Each entry must be clearly marked with the entrants name, age, certificate number and Squadron name and Group.

All entries must accompany the entry form provided to each Group and be submitted by the prescribed date.

Entries are to be made on the Education Display and Essay Entry Form (Form D) and forwarded to the relevant Group Education Commissioner by Sunday 26 August 2018, which will then be forwarded by them to the judge of the essay competition by Sunday 2 September 2018 for judging.

All entries remain the property of the Australian Air League.


All entries shall be displayed as part of the education display at the 2018 Australian Air League Review.  Judging for the essay competitions shall be based on the following criteria:


The overall appearance of the information presented will be judged. The layout should be clear and well presented. Where pictures have been attached to the page, the alignment with other elements and neatness will be considered. Neat handwriting will be considered as equivalent to typed/printed information.


Preference will be given to those presentations and essays that more extensively cover the theme compared to those which choose to cover a narrow part of the theme.

Accuracy of Information

Information presented will be checked for accuracy. Misleading, outdated or incorrect information shall be marked down. Presentations and essays that present more detailed information relevant to the topic will be preferred.

Interest Level for the Reader

This judging criterion shall be based on how well the attention of the reader is captured by the manner in which the information is presented.


The presentation or essay will be judged on the way the information flows from the introduction to the conclusion. Information that is grouped appropriately will be preferred over information that is presented in a haphazard fashion.


Preference will be given to those presentations and essays that do not just contain words that have been copied from other sources. Efforts made by the member to expand on the theme in their own words will be recognised. It is permissible to use internet for research, but obvious ‘internet downloads’ without substantial member input will not be judged favourably.