Drone Flying

General Information

This competition which is focused on flight, the key to our organisation, is designed to bring fun and entertainment for members of all ages & their families at the Review.

Participants will be required to navigate a challenging obstacle course in the fastest time.  Participants will fly their drone individually against the clock through a number of obstacles or “Air Gates”

The course will include both vertical and horizontal “hoop” style gates and “pylons” (witches hats with coloured flags)

Accuracy is important, and penalties will be incurred for missing or hitting a gate.

The course will stop and start from a helipad – the participant must return and land on the helipad.

The Drone Flying Competitions has four age categories as follows:

Group One 8 – 11 years
Group Two 12 – 14 years
Group Three 15 – 17 years
Group Four 18 years and over

Drone Conditions

Drones must meet the following general criteria:

  • Hobby style “quadcopter” or small helicopters only – no commercial drones allowed.  Drones should only be those that members would purchase through a hobby store, on line store or a retail electronics store.
  • Weight is to be under 1kg
  • Dimensions are 40cm x 40cm maximum
  • Blade size no larger than 15cm
  • Blades must have a safety guard – see examples below

If you are unsure if your drone would meet the criteria, please contact the Federal Air Activities Commissioner together with a picture of your drone and details of its make and model at airactivities@airleague.com.au for final determination.

Any drones that are deemed on the day not to meet the criteria of the competition (provided they have not already been allowed as above) will not be allowed to enter.

Drone Examples

Compliant Drone – these pictures are examples of an acceptable drone:

Compliant Drone

Compliant Drone2











Non-Compliant Drone – this picture is an example of a commercial drone that IS NOT acceptable:

Non Compliant Drone

General Conditions of Entry

Age of entry is as at the date of the Australian Air League Review 2016 – 1 October 2016.

Entries are to be made on the day at the designated Drone Flying Competition area.

Drones are to meet the criteria as above.

Drones remain the responsibility of entrants.  Members are responsible for the security and condition of their own drone.  The Australian Air League accepts no liability for any damage caused to drones at the Australian Air League Review.  Members are advised that the Australian Air League’s insurance does not extend to drones and other radio controlled aircraft operated by members.