Band Drill

Band DrillThe compulsory tune for 2018 is Tune No. 21 – Bugle March 4.

Only one band per unit is allowed to compete.

This competition is open to Squadron and Wing bands only.

Wing Band Requirements:

Wing bands must meet the criteria as set out in the AAL Manual Section 20, paras 13.0 to 13.5 in order to be competitive.

Wing bands must not consist of an over-representation of members from any one squadron.  No more than one third of the overall Combined Band compliment shall be made up from any one squadron.

If required, players who have already competed with their respective Squadron Band may be included in the Wing band so long as the proportion of contributor players from that Squadron does not exceed one third of the overall Wing Band compliment.

If a Wing Band consists of only two squadrons, the ratio of player compliment will be determined by the Review Marshall.

Complement Requirements:

Total Number: 
MAXIMUM24. (1 Drum Major, 23 Players).
MINIMUM10.  (1 Drum Major, 9 Players).

One point will be added for each member over the complement of 10.  Bands with less than 10 members are deemed to be non-competitive.

Music Requirements:

Bands will play one fixed piece of music which will be Tune No. 21 – Bugle March 4 and one free choice piece. The fixed piece is to be played twice on the march. The first time on commencing manoeuvres and the second time so that the tune will be completed at the conclusion of the manoeuvres. The band shall come to a halt when the front rank of the Band is in line with the last marker. Upon the front rank of the Band reaching the last marker, the Band may mark time and or halt on the Drum Majors signal and continue to play to the end of the tune.

Alternatively, upon the front rank of the Band reaching the last marker, the Band shall immediately “crash halt” on the Drum Major’s signal.

After the Band has come to the Halt and completed the fixed piece, the Drum Major will give the order for the Band to play its free choice. During the playing of the free choice, the Band is not required to remain at the halt and may change formation.

Music for Salutes shall not be played during the competition. (eg General Salute or Last Post).

Drum Major Requirements:

To be eligible for the Drum Major competition, the Drum Major must be under the age of 18 as at 23 September 2018 provided they are an NCO or cadet, OR if aged 18 as at 23 September 2018 be carrying the rank of Warrant Officer. Other Warrant Officers, Trainee Officers, Officers or cadets and NCOs aged 19 and over as at 23 September 2018 will be deemed non-competitive as a Drum Major.

Band Drill Diagram

The following describes the orders and diagram to be used for the Band Drill Competition.  This information is in line with of the Australian Air League Manual, Section 20.

See for more information.

Link to Printable Diagram Page: Band Drill Diagram 8

Fall In Orders

  1. Band, On Parade
  2. Marker, Fall In
  3. Band, Fall In
  4. Band, Right Dress
  5. (Snare, Tenor, etc.) #, Move forward/Move to the rear, Steady
  6. (A/B/C etc.) Section, Steady
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 as necessary
  8. Band, Eyes Front
  9. (Snare, Tenor, etc.) #, Move to your Right/Move to your Left, Steady
  10. (A/B/C etc.) File, Steady
  11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 as necessary
  12. Band, Steady
  13. Band, Stand at Ease
  14. Band, Stand Easy

Diagram 8 Orders

  • A        Quick March
  • BB     Circular Counter March
  • B        Forward
  • C        Left Wheel
  • DD    Counter March
  • D       Cross Counter March
  • D       Forward
  • E        Right Wheel
  • F        Right Wheel
  • G       Halt
  •           Free Choice

Diagram 8 – Band Drill

Note: not to scale