Aircraft Recognition

General Information

An Aircraft Recognition Competition will be held at the 2018 Australian Air League Review.

Squadrons can enter ONE team of THREE cadets in each age category.

The competition will run for approximately 20 minutes during which teams will be shown images of aircraft that they will then be required to identify.

There will be two age categories as follows:

Group One 8 – 11 years
Group Two 12 – 17 years

Competition Information

Teams will be shown 30 images during the competition.  Each image will be displayed for a time of approximately 5 seconds and then teams will be allowed 10 seconds to write down an answer.

Cadets will complete ONE marking sheet per squadron team.

General Conditions of Entry

Age of entry shall be as at the date of the Australian Air League Review 2018 – 23 September 2018.

Entries are to be made on the day at the designated Aircraft Recognition Competition area.